is run by one person: me. Who am I? A private citizen that felt the visceral need to make sure that all Americans of all political and non-political persuasions and inclinations to be able to access all the latest news and information in one place.

With Donald Trump’s stream of chaos, noise, corruption, scandal and straight out debauchery, his only way to survive his grift and treachery is to distract the American people with all the noise and numb us to his corruption. We cannot allow that to happen.

We must support Robert Mueller and his investigation to let the American public and the American people learn the true extent and nature of Donald Trump’s treachery in the 2016 election and beyond. We live in a unique time in our nation’s history. As I have always said, history will be recorded accordingly and our grandchildren will consequently judge us as to where we stood and how we acted in this unique perilous time in our nation’s history.

I started with just a quest and a goal: the cathartic need to make sure that the average American is able to obtain objective facts and evidence. I started with my marketing experience and desire to learn and this is where my Facebook page is at today based on the last 28 days of activity (with little to no advert expenditure!):

Imagine the possibilities! In the meantime, I have procured several interviews that are available on this site including interviews with former George W. Bush speechwriter and the current senior editor at The Atlantic, David Frum; former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner; retired general Mark Hertling; and author of Trump/Russia: A Definitive History, Seth Hettena


Thank you all for being a part of my page. It truly means a lot to me! History and our grandchildren will judge us all. #MuellerisComing. #StandWithMueller


P.S. If you can’t donate, don’t worry. Thank you again for being a part of my page. As long as the facts and evidence are able to reach the general public, I truly believe that truth and justice will prevail. America is too great of a country to allow a single con man to destroy her from within. #StandWithMueller

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  1. We, those who have enough brains to question and search for evidence based truth, must shoulder a
    significant proportion of the blame for allowing this situation to evolve. As Trump rallied all the
    xenophobes using whatever lie, falsehood or mis-direction he could conjure we sat back believing his
    deceit would be routed at the ballot box, after all, the American people are smarter than this and such
    a hateful and spiteful man would never get enough votes.

    Good Luck


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